DevBlog 11 - Big Update!

10/23/2016Written by: Carmine

I put a lot of work into Ayla this week. Here's the run down:

I added a new small fast human ship. Handy if someone wants to play solo or scout on ahead.

The main menu has been changed (a lot). The background is a star field, but what's really special is adding some ships flying around.

You can now name and give a label to objects in a scene. When a ship is in site, the label will appear in the color you selected.

When in a scenario, you can hit "ESC" or click the menu icon in the top right. This will display a sidebar menu.

You can switch between cameras in the menu.

Panels will be all of the different "overlays" for the ship (engines, weapons, etc.). You can also adjust the settings (graphics, sound, etc.) and finally you can exit back to the menu or quit the game entirely.